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How to Grow Your Eyebrows Naturally - Best Tips and Products

  • 3 min read

The times have changes, big brows are in. If only your brows changed as fast as the trend (sigh). If over plucking or slow growth has you has you searching for solutions, we got you covered. We have a bit of info for all the stages of brow growth you could be encountering and don't worry, there's nothing artificial here, only clean, healthy products. 

1. Avoid Tweezing and Plucking

Eyebrows can take between 8 to 13 weeks to go through a complete cycle of growth and over tweezing can make this cycle feel longer or even lead to permanently stunted hair growth. It's extremely hard, if not impossible to re grow permanently stunted hair so if you are already struggling with thing eyebrows now is the time to let them grow to their full potential. We will get to styling these new found bushy eyebrows in a minute. 

 2. Exfoliate Gently

Never exfoliated your eyebrows before? Most people haven't, but the pro's swear by it. Just like on your face, exfoliation will remove dead skin layers, but in this case those dead skin cells could be inhibiting the growth of your eyebrows. Use some of your gentle, daily face exfoliant and apply to your brows. Gently work the exfoliant in the direction of your brow to avoid any unattended breakage and follow with rinse with cool water to lock in moisture. 

3. Make Use of Brow Serum

Is there anything a good serum can't do? They are they heavy lifters when it comes to nearly everything and brow growth is no different. Kick-starting eyebrow growth, with ingredients like castor oil, rosemary leaf extracts, and coffee. When looking for a squeaky clean product that also contains these key ingredients we quickly fell in love with Province Apothecary's Full Brow Serum. It contains all the good stuff.

Castor Oil is a tried and true ingredient that stimulates hair follicles and builds hair strength through a heavy does of Vitamin E, minerals, proteins andOmega 3’s + 9’s fatty acids. 

Coffee. Just like the cup of Joe that get's your moving in the morning, caffeine helps to get the blood flowing near your brows, encouraging your baby hairs to wake up, build strength.

Rosemary Leaf Extract has been a favorite in Mediterranean cultures for years to increase circulation and stimulate hair growth. Increased blood flow seems simple but is such an important part of hair growth, acting as the feeder system for all of those gorgeous new baby hairs. 

4. Style, Trim and Tame

Unruly eyebrows have a way of looking thinner no matter how full they are. Take a moment to give them a trim by brushing them up with a brow brush then using a pair of brow scissor, trim the hair by following the natural arch of your brow. For obvious reasons, be careful to not trim too short. 

Once you have your brows trimmed, brushed and styles, keep them looking great all day by using an all purpose balm. Balms are a great way to add a bit of staying power to your brow, keeping all the hairs in place but with the added benefit of all day moisture. Our favorite is Olio E Osso Clear Balm. Made with Shea Butter, Olive Oil, natural beeswax and hint of grapefruit oil, this balm holds your brows in place, moisturizes and smells great. 

Did we mention the balm has multiple uses? Use it as a lip balm, cheek balm or to tame those fly away baby hairs. The Olio E Osso balms have made it "staple" status.  

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